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Roomer Hotel Stories

Personal stories behind hotel rooms people are selling

The Roomer Stories blog shares personal stories of travelers stuck with non-refundable hotel rooms, where others can take it off their hand, get a great deal, and help another traveler get some money back while at it.

Current Hotel Stories at Roomer

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  • Washington Hotel Lombardy at December 27 for a...

    Dec 27 - Dec 31
    Read the full story
  • July 19 in Lake Louise at Lake Louise Inn for a...

    Jul 19 - Jul 21
    50.91% OFF
    Read the full story
  • Discount on Amrâth Hotel Eindhoven in Eindhoven...

    Jul 13 - Jul 14
    Read the full story
  • Dubai Five Palm Jumeirah Residences for less...

    Jul 11 - Jul 13
    Read the full story
  • July 4 in Dickson at Comfort Inn Dickson for a...

    Jul 04 - Jul 05
    Read the full story
  • Discount on Marriott's Harbour Lake in Orlando...

    Jul 01 - Jul 08
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